Struggling with memories of sexual abuse, an accident, trauma or other awful experiences?
Feeling like you just can't move on from bad memories?
Are you having nightmares, flashbacks or intrusive thoughts about past experiences?

You can relieve symptoms of PTSD, and end the struggle with old experiences dictating your current life. EMDR is an empirically based (meaning its proven to work!) therapeutic approach that decreases trauma symptoms to move you back to healthy functioning and enjoying life more fully. EMDR helps clients, even with severe trauma and abuse histories move beyond fear and anxiety, and feel stable again. For a more in-depth description of the process please visit this link: http://www.emdrnetwork.org/description.html

50 and 90-minute sessions are available. Please note that EMDR processing sessions only begin after appropriate screening and preparation. EMDR is typically a short-term treatment, meaning most people see significant results in 5 sessions or less (not yet finishing treatment, but already noticing great improvement by that time).

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